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We’re experts in branding early-stage businesses. We’ve worked with dozens of startups from building the MVB for their MVP to scaleups that required a more tailored service. Whichever stage you’re at on your journey, we can help.

Define your brand strategy

Invite your team to our rich audio-facilitated strategy workshop to lay your brand’s foundation.

Understand your audience
Define your What, How and Why
Choose your Values and Personality
Audit your competition
A set of rounded off boxes, one large at the top and 4 smaller ones below. The large one is light pink and shows a logo drawing of a cute small bird. The boxes below show different iterations of the same logo in different colours, with and without a wordmark that reads Twitty.

Get a tailored identity

Brief our top hand-picked brand designers and get a tailored identity toolkit made specifically for you.

Top design talent
Own the full copyright
No generic templates
Includes 3 concepts and 3 revisions
A collection of simple hovering browser windows containing different applications of the same cool and contemporary sports brand: a website, 3 tiles of a social post and an EDM.

Bring your
brand to life

Get full digital brand guidelines and a professional asset library as your single source of truth.

Complete Digital guidelines
Professional Asset Library
25GB of asset storage
Easy sharing, no more old versions

product packages

↳ Value for any stage

Imagine Bramp as your tech-enabled branding agency – just that we are committed to making sure you pay as little as possible for maximum value.

Idea Stage

Use our strategy workshop to clarify your thinking and create alignment across your team.
Audio facilitated strategy workshop
Create customer personas
Define your What, How and Why
Define brand values, personality and positioning
Audit your competitors


No credit card required
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Ready for Launch

Everything you need to launch your product. Strategy and design by our top branding team.
Guided 3-hour strategy workshop
Agency-level identity system: tailored logo, colours, typography, imagery
Top-tier brand designers
Digital guidelines & asset library
12 months subscription


AUD 2999.09 + GST
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For businesses with existing customers that need tailored agency services.
Everything in Ready for Launch plus:
Manual assessment and guidance
Dedicated Creative Director
Design services: UI/UX design, website, presentations, EDMs, ads, etc
Figma, Adobe Xd or Illustrator files

From $5499

From AUD 4999.09 + GST
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Ideal to supercharge your early stage startup.
Everything in free plus:
5GB storage for brand assets
Full access to digital guidelines
Auto styled pitch deck template
Tailored logo (optional at $199)
Marketing templates & AI tools


Billed monthly plus GST
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Managing multiple brands with an extended team?
Up to 25 users
Manage multiple brands
100GB storage for assets
Advanced analytics and AI tools
Tailored logo (optional at $199)


Billed monthly plus GST
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Guided Strategy

Book a guided 3-hour strategy session with one of our experienced branding professionals.


AUD 90 + GST
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3-hour guided strategy workshop
Experienced branding expert
Price can be offset against design packages
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What our customers say

"Working with Bramp has been a pleasure! We were able to build an amazing visual identity in a breeze, which has helped us immensely to find early supporters."

Julien Le Nestour – Founder

"Bramp's strategic foundations ​and the rockstar team ​have ​helped us build an identity that truly reflects who we are and what we stand for."

Vandana Chaudhry – Founder

"Thanks to Bramp we were able to launch with a logo that truly hits the mark. And it's completely ours – no generic template, we own the full copyright. It's brilliant!"

Marcus Layton – Founder

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Lay a strong foundation

A strong brand strategy sets your brand up for success. It is the foundation for your visual identity, influences your marketing and helps you rally your team. Without brand strategy you’re flying blind.

Our unique audio facilitated strategy workshop helps you think about your audience, audit your competition, define your What, How and Why, your values, your positioning and your brand personality.

Wanna go full Pro? Invite your core team and create your strategic foundation together. This will give you a more diverse set of opinions, while it will also create a sense of ownership and alignment.

Connect with your audience

An identity has to be unique, recognisable and relevant. This helps your brand to stand out from the crowd and build a following.

Our experienced brand designers have honed their skills in the world's leading agencies. They will turn your strategy platform into a stunning visual identity that truly sets you apart.

Your logo is the centrepiece of your brand's visual identity. All presented logo designs are handcrafted by our experienced designers. Full copyright included. No more generic templates.

Consistency, guaranteed

To build a brand customers love, your communication has to be consistent. Our enterprise-level digital guidelines and asset hosting facility act as your single source of truth so everyone working on your brand is on the same page.

Easy sharing with external suppliers, always up-to-date files and easy management of access are all included in our paid products.

We are working on a suite of implementation tools that will be rolled out over the coming 12 months, so stay tuned for more.

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