A laptop displaying a set of colourful boxes in pink, brown and beige. An overlaying text box says the word BOLD in a bold all caps typeface. The elements on the laptop represent the core toolkit of a sports brand, that consist of a dynamic F logo with the name Flink, letters of the alphabet in a contemporary font, a set of 6 bright colours and two images of strong women in active wear.
A laptop displaying a cool and bright set of images showing scenes of island travel, palm trees and sailing boats in the bright and glaring sun. An overlaying text box reads the word elegant in simple and elegant modern typeface. The elements on the laptop symbolise the core toolkit of a cool travel brand called 23 Degrees South. They consist of simple black wordmark logo, white and light blue colours, a minimalist contemporary typeface and a cool minimalist background image showing nothing but the drop shadow of a palm tree leaf on white.
A laptop displaying a crafty set of friendly coloured boxes and dreamy images showing women holding flowers and a notebook. An overlaying text box says the word friendly in a warm serif typeface. The elements on the laptop symbolise the core toolkit of a friendly brand called Twitty. They consist of a cute small bird logo, letters of the alphabet in a friendly serif font, a set of 5 warm and subtle colours. Small text running in a circle around one of the bird logos reads: We exist to improve your life.
A laptop displaying a bright yellow background with red type. An overlaying text box says the word fun in a quirky and organic typeface. The elements on the laptop symbolise the core toolkit of a fun and vibrant brand called Juz. They consist of a large red wordmark that says Juz in the organic and quirky font, letters of the alphabet in that same font, an image with computer generated stylised watermelon slices falling towards an abstract drink with a straw, and a set of red and yellow coloured circles. Small text running in a circle around one of the bird logos reads: We exist to improve peoples' health and wellbeing by juicing up their life.


Brand like a Pro

Intuitively design a brand that converts customers into raving fans – powered by strategy.

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Set your brand up for success

A large black number one on a bright purple to pink and orange gradient coloured abstract illustration of a door.

Lay a strong foundation

A strong brand strategy sets your brand up for success. It is the foundation for your visual identity, influences your marketing and helps you rally your team. Without brand strategy you’re flying blind.

A large black number two on top of an abstract bright purple to pink gradient coloured shape

Build a powerful identity

To connect with an audience an identity has to be unique, recognisable and relevant. Our smart tools guide you through the creation process based on your brand foundation.

A large black number three on top of an abstract star-like spark in a purple to pink to orange gradient.

Reach your audience

To build a brand customers love, your communication has to be consistent. Fully automated brand guidelines, auto populated templates, AI powered content tools – we’ve got you covered.

A guided process

Try our unique guided and audio facilitated brand building process.

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Define your brand strategy

Invite your team to our rich audio facilitated strategy workshop to lay your brand’s foundation.

Understand your audience
Define your What, How and Why?
Choose your Values and Personality
Audit your competition
A hovering browser window that shows a digital banner ad with a light turquoise background. At its centre there is a minimalist image of a white plate with a green rim and a half orange. A headline above reads 'Your headline'. Below there is a line of text that reads 'Intro paragraph highlighting your unique selling point and direct call to action' with a bright purple web button below that reads Order now.

Build your visual

Design like a pro guided by our smart tools that translate strategy into actionable advice.

Intuitive tools
Design with confidence
Choose your colours, typefaces and imagery
Easy sharing to your socials for feedback
A set of rounded off boxes, one large at the top and 4 smaller ones below. The large one is light pink and shows a logo drawing of a cute small bird. The boxes below show different iterations of the same logo in different colours, with and without a wordmark that reads Twitty.

Get a tailored logo

Brief our top hand picked brand designers and get a tailored logo made specifically for you.

No generic templates
Own the full copyright
Top design talent
Includes 3 concepts and 3 revisions
A collection of simple hovering browser windows containing different applications of the same cool and contemporary sports brand: a website, 3 tiles of a social post and an EDM.

Bring your
brand to life

Our design templates are pre filled, always on brand and give you the perfect platform to grow.

Digital guidelines and asset hosting
Pre-filled on-brand templates
Pitch decks, social posts, EDMs, web banners
AI powered on-brand content creation

Are you ready to brand like a Pro?

Building your strategy and your core toolkit is free. And it will be free forever.

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What our customers say

An iPad and two iPhones hovering in a white abstract space. They all display different applications of a bright coloured, dynamic sports brand.

"Working with Bramp has been a pleasure! We were able to build an amazing visual identity in a breeze, which has helped us immensely to find early supporters."

Julien Le Nestour – Founder

Two posters showing applications of a fashion brand called Andisor. The logo is a blue abstract A in the shape of an upward arrow with a simple black wordmark to the right.

"Bramp's strategic foundations ​and the rockstar team ​have ​helped us build an identity that truly reflects who we are and what we stand for."

Vandana Chaudhry – Founder

A close up of a grey couch, plant and lamp in a living room. A large purple and yellow logo is positioned on the white wall. The wordmark reads inPlace in a friendly typeface. To the left of the name there is a simplified drawing of a cute cat with a lamp screen hiding its head.

"Thanks to Bramp we were able to launch with a logo that truly hits the mark. And it's completely ours – no generic template, we own the full copyright. It's brilliant!"

Marcus Layton – Founder

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