Creative Director

Annika Weller

Annika is deeply driven by the pursuit of making professional branding tools and techniques accessible to everyone. A branding professional over 15 years, she has propelled forward numerous businesses big and small through the power of branding. She has worked in leading international branding studios guiding some of the world's most renowned brands including Panasonic, BMW, MINI, Google, Optus, Commonwealth Bank, Woolworths Group. She runs her own boutique branding practice Awe Studios and helps ambitious businesses reach their true potential through the power of brand. At Bramp she leverages her deep knowledge to build smart and intuitive tools making the world a better branded place.

— "As a business, regardless of your size, you cannot not brand. No matter what you put out there, it creates your identity. With a solid branding process, strategic and visual, you set your brand up for success right from the start. And who wouldn't choose the best trajectory for their business they can get?"

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