Founder & CEO

Benni Weller

Benni is a big believer in the transformative power of brand. In his over 16 years in the industry Benni has created holistic brand experiences for global players like Hugo Boss, DHL, Virgin Australia and Commonwealth Bank, and has lead strategic branding projects for disruptors such as 86400 and Tyro in Australia, Ilumno in the US and UVA in Brazil. When he's not building disruptive brands, Benni is found ocean swimming off the cliffs of his home of choice Bondi.

— "Throughout my career I have seen founders and small businesses struggle with branding. They weren't able to afford agency rates, so they spent serious money on half baked solutions from freelancers or ended up with generic work from template platforms. We are building Bramp to make the strategic and thorough branding process of top tier agencies accessible to every budget and help founders unlock the power of strategic brand creation."

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